Without a leg

Категория: Поэзия
I am back! Meet me, my love!
Rejoice, even though I am without a leg:
I never kneeled before the enemy,
And he tore my leg off for this.
He hit with a mine, knocked me off to the ground.
— You bowed! — the enemy triumphed.
But in an instant he was paralyzed with fear:
l got up without a leg and was standing.
The earth got angry for my blood,
The poplars around leaned in tears.
And the mother-earth did not let me fall down,
But took my hand and led me.
And any of the wounded is like this:
He stands alone against fifteen enemies.
One without an arm, the other without a leg,
The evil enemies will never break our spirit.
I would give a hundred legs, but of the native land
Hot half an inch 1 wouldn't give to the enemy.
To pay for legs the price of freedom?!
How will I be able to walk on the earth with these legs?