You will forget

Категория: Поэзия
My life In front of you on the ground
Will fall as a broken flower.
You will go past, caught by rain,
Hurrying into the cosy, warm house.
You will forget how under the hot sun
That flower that you crushed on your way, —
So easily, so joyfully, so brightly.
So fragrantly bloomed in your garden.
You will forget how at early dawn
He looked secretly into your window.
Sent fragrance to you
And bowed to you under the wind.
You will forget how on a wonderful holiday.
On your bright birthday,
A bunch of beautiful flowers
Radiantly headed the celebration.
On an autumn day with someone on a date
You will go, uneasy and light.
Hot Knowing how deep was the suffering
Of the flower that crunched under your foot.
You will hide in the war house from Icy cold
And close the window under lock.
And the flower is lying in a cold puddle
Forgotten forever and lonely...
Someone's heart will vanish on an autumn day,
Having burnt, it will disappear without a trace.
And love.
Everything as it is you will forget forever.
сентября 1943